Galileo, EGNOS, and Copernicus for Agriculture




  • Galileo, the European Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS)
  • The European Geostationary Navigation Overlay Service (EGNOS)
  • Copernicus - The European Earth observation program
  • Navigation for agriculture - a couple of examples
  • Combining navigation and Earth observation resources for agriculture


What: In Europe, we have two major space based programs, Galileo and Copernicus. Combining the navigation or positioning tools of Galileo and the Earth observation data and services of Copernicus for improved food security and agriculture in general is what we address in this webinar

Why now: There is a great untapped potential in combining positioning data from Galileo and EGNOS with Earth observation data for agriculture. The Covid19 virus is unfortunately not only harming our health, it is also jeopardizing our food security. It is evident that we need to pump up our efforts to combine all the resources and knowledge we have to secure a continued good life, not only for Europeans, but for our entire planet.

Who (is the webinar for): Students, researchers, data analytics, participants in European, national and international projects, developers, service and application developers.

Your Experts on Galileo and EGNOS

María-Eva Ramírez holds a PhD in Mathematical Science by the University of Cádiz (Spain), focused on the processing and analysis of GPS data for volcanic deformation models in Deception Island (South Shetlands Islands, Antartica). Her professional experience has been linked to GNSS from the very beginning, previously working at GMV for more than 10 years, within the Galileo Orbit Satellite Processing Facility firstly, and afterwards in the EGNOS Central Processing Facility-Processing Set, acting as the Project Manager of successive evolutions of the project. In December 2018, she joint INECO as GNSS Expert, working as part of SpaceOpal Team at the GSC (European GNSS Service Center) for Galileo Adoption and Market Development, focused mainly on EGNSS Applications on Agriculture and Geomatics domain.

Sofía Cilla, after finishing her Ph.D in Solid State Physics at the end of 2000, joined GNSS venture in Europe through GMV AD S.A. In this company she participated in EGNOS development during some years (ionospheric correction module in particular). She also worked in GALILEO OSPF & IPF being the Dependability/RAMS manager for those processing facilities until the end of 2007. At the beginning of 2008, she actively joined projects dealing with the multi-constellation multi-frequency scenario. Since April 2009, while setting-up and managing the ETSO and multimodal receiver lab at ESSP, she was the interface point between ESSP SAS and standardisation fora as Eurocae and RTCA. Actually she works as Service Adoption Manager with the goal of promoting EGNOS usage in the different GNSS user communities (eg. aviation, rail, maritime, agriculture and geomatics) today and those that may come in the future.

Eva Ramirez
Sofia Cilla

Eva Ramirez

GNSS expert, GSC

Sofia Cilla

EGNOS expert, ESSP

Joaquin REYES GONZÁLEZ is a Market Development Technology Officer at GSA working in the professional high-precision market on EGNOS and Galileo, focused on Agriculture topics. He gained his GNSS technical experience as System Engineer Technical Assistant at ESA/ESTEC, after national and international assignments at innovation projects in GMV and Siemens (Dimetronic). Reyes holds a degree in Electronic, Electrical and Mechanical Engineering at ICAI and Master’s degree in Space Technology at UPM.

Joaquin Reyes Gonzales

Joaquin Reyes Gonzalez

Market Development Technology Officer, GSA

Your Experts on Earth Observation

David Kolitzus is a Senior Expert and Project Manager with an IT and a remote sensing expertise at GeoVille. His main focus is on the development of Land Monitoring solutions with satellite and other remote sensing data in cloud-based high-performance systems. In Addition to the supervision of the development of methodolical approaches, he oversees transition and setup of processes into cloud solutions. David has a background from physics and handling of large scale data. He has accumulated strong UNIX skills, advanced C/C++ programming skills, and a good understanding of Grid computer infrastructure.

Bente Lilja Bye has been a member of the GEO community since 2004, engaged both as representative in the GEO plenary, in committees and contributing to the GEO Work Programme, and currently represents Norway on the GEO Programme Board. Bente runs a small research and consultancy company, BLB, focusing on transforming Earth observation data to information and knowledge for societal benefit. She a member of the Plan4all committee responsible for community building and represent Plan4all in the EO4agri project

David Kolitzus
Bente Lilja Bye 150

David Kolitzus

Senior Expert and Project Manager, GeoVille

Bente Lilja Bye

Plan4all Committee member, BLB CEO

This webinar is a collaboration between the EO4agri project and the European Global Navigation Satellite System Agency