CAP Area Monitoring platforms, Copernicus & LPIS




  • The 1 year progress of Area Monitoring System implementation in Paying Agencies – survey results
  • Signals and markers as a service
  • Managed Services geoDB and xcube for Serving LPIS  and Copernicus Data within Euro Data Cube Environment
  • LPVis Traffic Light Viewer for CAP Monitoring Accessing Copernicus and LPIS Data from Cube Services


What: In this webinar results from a recent survey of the Common Agriculture Policy (CAP) Area Monitoring System (AMS) implementations in Paying Agencies (PA) are presented. AMS requires joins of satellite observation data (e.g. from Copernicus) with GIS data originating from territorial Land Parcel Identification Systems (LPIS). Paying Agencies and their contractors are invited to discuss policies and incentives for sharing LPIS/GSAA data. Technical procedures and platforms for LPIS data sharing are reviewed, specifically addressing the use of hosted data cubes.  Combined processing of LPIS/GSAA and satellite data will be presented as it is offered by the Euro Data Cube service to the benefits of higher-level applications (e.g. Machine Learning crop classification)

Why now: CAP Area Monitoring System imposes great challenges to authorities and industry in EU Member States. Trends can be observed towards de-facto standard solutions to the benefit of all. In their approach for launching the CAP Area Monitoring System as requested by the EU by 2023 at the latest, the Paying Agencies are investigating implementation solutions for Copernicus and commercial satellite data access and processing. Cloud-based multi-data cubes are options being looked at with interest by Paying Agencies as a means to outsource some of the satellite data handling challenges to service contracts.

Who (is the webinar for): The CAP Paying Agencies, their contractors and a general audience interested in implementing the CAP Area Monitoring System

Your Experts

Gerhard Triebnig holds a PhD in Telematics and MSc. in Technical Physics. Four decades of dedication to IT and Earth observation service concepts and implementations, over a rainbow of affiliations in academia, public applied research, the international institutions ESA and EC. He is Managing Director; founding member and shareholder of EOX IT Services GmbH.

Aušrius Kučinskas holds a Bachelor’s degree in Agricultural Economics. He is responsible for control over the use of the European Agricultural Guarantee Fund (EAGF), including the selection of applicants and beneficiaries for the on-the-spot checks and remote control, for work coordination in 10 territorial units of the Control Department across the country.

Gerhard Triebnig 150
Ausrius Kucinskas

Gerhard Triebnig

Managing Director, EOX IT Services GmbH

Aušrius Kučinskas

Head of Direct Support Control Unit, Control Department, NMA

Grega Milcinski holds a BSc. in Physics, and is a co-founder and CEO of Sinergise, has been leading software development teams for more than 15 years.  He held roles of consultant, project manager, business analyst and architect of large geospatial administration systems in Europe (Slovenia, Croatia, Macedonia, Azerbaijan, Moldova, France) and Africa (Nigeria, Mauritius, Ghana). BSc. in Physics and additional general management programme education proved to be a good combination of problem solving and managerial skills to benefit company's customers, making it possible to successfully finish a number of projects. He authored and co-authored several papers in the field of IT, earth observation, land administration and agriculture.

Grega Milcinski 150

Grega Milcinski

Managing Director, Sinergise Ltd

Helge Dzierzon holds a PhD in forestry with a major in biometry and applied computer science.  He is working as a software engineer at Brockmann Consult. He originally trained as a master of forest science. He has extensive experience in scientific software development, tree strand modelling, genetics and science project management.

Stefan Brand holds a BSc in Spatial Planning, is enrolled in a Cartography and Geoinformation Master program and is contributing at EOX IT Services to the Euro Data Cube endeavour. He is a specialist in WebGIS for visual analytics of large geospatial data among which are satellite imagery and vector data. A focus of his work is on implementing solutions retrieving and presenting agriculture data in the context of CAP monitoring applications.

Helge Dzierzon 150
Stefan Brandt 150

Helge Dzierzon

Software Engineer, Brockmann Consult

Stefan Brand

Geospatial Researcher, EOX IT Services GmbH

Your Host

Bente Lilja Bye has been a member of the GEO community since 2004, engaged both as representative in the GEO plenary, in committees and contributing to the GEO Work Programme, and currently represents Norway on the GEO Programme Board. Bente runs a small research and consultancy company, BLB, focusing on transforming Earth observation data to information and knowledge for societal benefit. She a member of the Plan4all committee responsible for community building and represent Plan4all in the EO4agri project

Bente Lilja Bye 150

Bente Lilja Bye

Plan4all Committee member, BLB CEO