The Kampala INSPIRE hackathon - presentation of the challenges results




  • Results from the 10 challenges of the Kampala INSPIRE hackathon
  • The jury's results presenting the top 3 teams/results
  • Awards ceremony
  • Surprises

What: This online event is concluding the Kampala INSPIRE hackathon. You will learn about the results achieved by 10 teams who have addressed the 10 challenges that covers agriculture, food security, desert locust, citizen science, traffic and more.

In addition, you are invited to join us in celebrating the fruits of this international collaboration to support a sustainable Africa. The INSPIRE hackathon is not an event, it is a process. The awards ceremony is where the top 3 teams/results will be announced by the jury.

Why: The results from the Kampala INSPIRE hackathon are an important basis for further collaborations, for new project developments, and for inspiration and use.

Who (is the webinar for): Students, researchers, data analytics, NGOs, African and European projects, anybody in Africa and beyond, who is dealing with data management and development of applications and services based on Earth observations, citizen sourced data, and other types of data.

Your Kampala INSPIRE Hackathon Mentors

Kampala INSPIRE hackathon mentors

Your Jury

Suchith Anand  is Chief Scientist at the Global Open Data for Agriculture and Nutrition. Suchith served as founding chair of the ICA Commission on Open Source Geospatial Technologies and Geospatial IG of the Research Data Alliance (RDA). He co-founded GeoForAll with a vision to make geospatial education and opportunities accessible to all and to enable a better future for everyone.

Lydia Mazzi Kayondo,  head of the Geomatics and Land management department at Makerere University and the Agiculture Director of the University GIS Centre. Lydia started as a land surveyor (Bsc Surveying, Makerere University) majoring in Geographic Information management. She has been a tutor in the department of Geomatics and Land Management at Makerere University since 2002. Lydia earned her PhD in Geomatics (use of geospatial technologies for road maintenance) from Blekinge Institute of Technology, Sweden.

Ian Jarvis is Program Director for the GEO Global Monitoring (GEOGLAM) Initiative. GEOGLAM is an international initiative focused on producing timely and accurate information on agricultural production at national, regional and global scales to support market stability and global food security. Previous to GEOGLAM Ian had 25 years’ experience within the Canadian public service, including over 10 years leading Canada’s Earth observation based agricultural monitoring capacity.

Suchith Andand 150
Lydia Mazzi Kayondo 150
Ian Jarvis 150

Suchith Anand

Chief Scientist, GODAN

Lydia Mazzi Kayondo

Head of Department, University of Makerere

Ian Jarvis

Agriculture and GEOGLAM, Group on Earth Observations

Your Hosts

Hana Kubickova graduated in Geomatics at Faculty of Applied Sciences, the University of West Bohemia in Pilsen in 2019 with an Ing. degree (eq. to MSc). She is employed as a project and management support at Plan4all. Currently she is also involved in the STARGATE project and conducts research related to artificial intelligence and its use in precision agriculture.

Bente Lilja Bye is member of the Plan4all Association Committee responsible for community building. She has been a member of the GEO community since 2004, engaged both as representative in the GEO plenary, in committees and contributing to the GEO Work Programme, and currently represents Norway on the GEO Programme Board. Bente runs the company BLB.

Hana Kubickova
Bente Lilja Bye 150

Hana Kubickova

Project Manager, Plan4all

Bente Lilja Bye

Plan4all Committee

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