SmartAfriHub: Data needs & map creation with QGIS for citizens




  • Data needs in African agriculture and potential resources
  • Demonstration of how SmartAfriHub can help to solve data problems through the involvement of citizens
  • Future direction for SmartAfriHub and African SDI
  • Q&A

What: This online training addresses how citizens can contribute to building data for a geospatial hub. The training will describe a technological Geospatial Information (GI) solution for the SmartAfriHub, which could be easily replicated on other infrastructures and which include visualisation, metadata management, data management, mobile access and also the connection to external desktop platforms. All solutions are 100 % based on Open Source, so this could be also the inspiration for local developers.

We will also introduce the concept of Map composition - smart maps, which can be easily shared with others.

Part of the training will be also focused on data needs in African agriculture sector, available resources and how this data could be integrated.

Why: The SmartAfriHub Map solution is something that can help to solve some problems with GI data in Africa. It is a solution, which could be easy replicated and help to solve SDI problems in Africa.

Who (is the webinar for): Students, researchers, data analytics, NGO, African and European projects, anybody in Africa and beyond, who is dealing with data management and who are ready to work with us on the new concept of “Citizens Science Maps. Farm advisors, ICT companies dealing with GI information and people from the public sector.

About Your Presenters

Karel Charvat graduated in theoretical cybernetics. He is a member of International Society for Precision Agriculture, Research Data Alliance, vice chair of Club of Ossiach, CAGI, and CSITA. He was in period 2005 – 2007 President of European Federation for Information Technology in Agriculture Food and Environment (EFITA). Now is chair of OGC Agriculture DWG. He was organiser on many hackathons, where as most important were series of INSPIRE Hacks and MEDHackathon. He work on implementation on national INSPIRE Geoportal. Now he is also active in Plan4all association. He has long time experience in ICT for Environment, transport, Agriculture and Precision Farming. Now he is one from promoters of Open and Big Data in Agriculture in Europe.

Karel Charvat 150

Karel Charvat

Senior expert, Plan4all

Runar Bergheim Co-founder and director of research and development in Norwegian consultancy company AVINET, Bergheim has been engaged in tourism, planning and geomatics projects for 22 years. Graduated from Sogn og Fjordane University College in 1997 in Spatial Planning, he went on to work with regional development for three years before co-founding a technology company focussed on providing web based map solutions for government sector. Bergheim has long experience from tourism projects having been a consultant to the Norwegian Trade Organization (NHO) on digital solutions for tourism in the early 2000s through to implementing transnational tourism initiatives like the North Sea Trail and North Sea Cycle Route from 2005 up until 2017. Bergheim has been active in INSPIRE, in Smart Cities with a particular emphasis on applied spatial technology. In the last few years, he has been working on big spatial data management and analytics. His combined experience spans more than 200 projects in 20+ countries. Bergheim participates in CosC on behalf of Avinet, the legal entity that will hold an equity share in the company.

Runar Bergheim 150

Runar Bergheim

Co-founder & Director of Research and Development, Avinet

Dmitri Kožuch has studied cartography and geoinformatics at the Faculty of Natural Sciences of the Charles University in Prague. He works in his field (cartography and GIS) from year 2012. For that time he has gained big experience in everyday work tasks, such as collecting, processing, harmonizing, analyzing, visualizing spatial data, creating metadata, developing web GIS applications, preparing maps for print, automating processes, writing projects’ reports etc. He has taken part in several European projects, for example, NisaGo, Plan4Business, SDI4Apps, OpenTransportNet. Actively takes part in various hackathons and challenges.

Dmitri Kozhukh 150

Dmitri Kožuch

GIS expert, Plan4all

Raitis Berzins has a Master degree in Socio-technical system engineering and Bachelor degree in software engineering of Vidzeme University. His technical skills and competences are in online GIS field, web reservation systems, Android mobile app frontend development and integration with GIS and sensor databases. Raitis is a full stack developer with 14 years experience in designing and developing desktop and web based applications. Previously worked on topics range from web based GIS software for tourism and agriculture to hotel management, e-learning and decision support systems. Latest projects are Sdi4Apps, OpenTransportNet, Foodie and Databio, but longer term ongoing efforts have been in development of mapping library HSLayers NG

Raitis Berzins

Raitis Berzins

Senior Software Engineer, BOSC

Jan Vrobel  graduated in Applied Informatics at the University of Ostrava. His main focus is on developing map applications, plugins for QGIS in Python programming language and processing of aerial photos.

Jan Vrobel 150

Jan Vrobel

Developer, Wirelessinfo

František Zadražil is a Project Coordinator of the HSLayers-NG framework. He has been working in the GIS field since he graduated in 2006 (Computer Graphics and Virtual Reality Engineering). After the years of SW development using various platforms (MapServer, GeoServer, ArcGIS) he became a GIS team leader and project manager and contributed on implementing numerous GEO systems for public and private sector. He has an expertise in GIS architecture and analysis.

Franta 150

František Zadražil

HSLayers-NG development manager, Plan4all

Filip Leitner is currently in his last year of master degree studies on Masaryk University, Brno in the field of Cartography and Geoinformatics. Along with that working for Plan4All as front-end developer of HSLayers-NG

Filip Leitner 150

Filip Leitner

Student/ Developer, Masaryk University/Plan4all

Tuula Löytty earned her MSc in Industrial Engineering and Management from Lappeenranta Technical University, and her Bachelor in Process Technology from the Satakunta University of Applied Sciences, Faculty of Technology, Finland. Her career can be segmented into six overlapping blocks, which nowadays enable her a wide view over business life and society. She has worked during three decades at three different lines of business: basic food production i.e. dairy- and sugar industry, metal industry and higher education. Her competences are demerged into three pillars: value chain management including logistics- and purchasing processes, continuous improvement methodologies, and project management, which covers both tangible delivery projects and research-, development- and innovation projects. Tuula Löytty is the owner of Smart & Lean Hub Oy, Finland

tuule løyttu 150

Tuula Löytty

Owner, Smart & Lean Hub Oy

Bente Lilja Bye has been a member of the GEO community since 2004, engaged both as representative in the GEO plenary, in committees and contributing to the GEO Work Programme, and currently represents Norway on the GEO Programme Board. Bente runs a small research and consultancy company, BLB, focusing on transforming Earth observation data to information and knowledge for societal benefit. She is responsible for Communication, Dissemination and Assessment as partner in NextGEOSS.

Bente Lilja Bye 150

Bente Lilja Bye CEO, BLB & webinar host on behalf of Plan4all