Using the Atlas of Best Practice to Fight COVID-19 in Rural Areas




  • Atlas of the Best Practices (the Enabling project) - common technical platform for presentation of outputs of individual Challenges
  • Ch. 2 presentation goals, the Atlas prototype - Regional Specialities, Expected outputs, brainstorming 
  • Ch. 6 presentation goals, the Atlas prototype - Polirural, Expected outputs, brainstorming
  • Ch. 12 presentation goals, the Atlas prototype - Social Enterprises, Expected outputs
  • Introduction to the PoliRural project
  • General understanding of rural attractiveness
  • Principles of searching of homogeneous regions (rural attractiveness index, clustering)
  • Plugin demonstration - how to make a map composition and upload it on a HUB
  • The web map application - Features and functionalities
  • Introduction to the Challenge
  • Q&A


What: In this webinar you will be presented with 3 challenges of the COVID19 INSPIRE hackathon, all of them seeking to build an Atlas in their respective fields.

Ch. 2: The main idea of this challenge is to provide brainstorming on improvement of digital tools for online markets that support and promote local farmers and regional product suppliers. We will collect comments and suggestions that will be incorporated into development of Atlas of Regional Specialities.

Ch. 6: This challenge will collect and publish a set of best practices for coping with rural challenges in the context of COVID-19. The collection should contain examples from different sectors (public, private, third) to better reflect the diversity of tried and tested approaches and lessons learned. 

Ch. 12: This challenge focuses on solving the mentioned problems by promoting information, easier connection of voluntary work with the needs of social enterprises, (eg through harvesting days at social farms), or opportunities to participate in regionally available severe health disabled, or. vulnerable groups into the social enterprise as well as raising awareness of its production, quality, needs (eg work) and social benefits. We will provide a prototype of web application that visualize the location of a social enterprise, with information about its character, production and social value and also job offer of severe health disabled, or other vulnerable groups.

Who (is the webinar for):

Ch. 2: Potential beneficiaries are farmers, farmer associations, suppliers of regional products, rural residents, rural NGOs and community groups, public authorities,

Ch. 6: Rural areas affected by covid and which are looking for best practice examples to fight the pandemic. Potential beneficiaries include public authorities, rural residents, farmers, farmer associations, rural NGOs and community groups, rural enterprises.

Ch. 12. The challenge is addressed to social enterprises, farms, community groups, public authorities

About Your Presenters

Petr Horak is an experienced researcher, SW designer and developer, project coordinator, 3D scanning & printing enthusiast. Petr has acted in development of applications and technologies for spatial data management and web presentation in agriculture and forestry, environment, spatial planning,  culture, logistics and public administration. Since 2005 Petr has been involved in research within various European research projects, e.g. NATURNET-REDIME, Envirogrids, Collaboration at Rural, Plan4all, Enabling, e.t.c.


Petr Horak


Radoslav has experiences from memberships in the European RTD Evaluation Network (Ares(2013)437085-MS) under DG Research and Innovation of European Commission, MGA WG DG R&I, expert advisor for the Ministry of Education Slovak Republic, for Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan in the field of research and innovation and international cooperation and from expertise for EC in different several initiatives. He has extensive RTD experiences from EU FPx research and development projects in the field of digital and data services innovation in different areas and as evaluator of FPx and national projects in different countries. Nowadays, he is focusing on socially responsible digital innovation with higher societal impact, transparency, smart data (data mining) services, e-procurement and decision making process automation.

Radoslav Delina

Radoslav Delina


Pavel Kogut, MSc, is an experienced researcher and training facilitator who has worked on an extensive portfolio of agriculture related projects e.g. agINFRA, Green Learning Network, PoliRural. He is currently involved in the day-to-day management of an H2020 project PoliVisu, which aims to improve policy making through data and advanced visualisations. Prior to that, Pavel was an assistant analyst at the Hague Centre for Strategic Studies. Pavel’s career in research began in London’s third sector where he helped a number of charities evaluate their projects for the Big Lottery.

Pavel Kogut

Researcher, 21c Consultancy

Kristýna Čerbová Faculty of Education, Charles University in Prague. She works now as a communication manager in ROSIE project – Research and responsible innovation (Central Europe). Experience in education, languages, social sciences with a special focus on philosophy, history and archival science (2005-2007 digitalization activities in the National Archives of the Czech Republic). She works for other Plan4all H2020 projects such as LIVERUR or SIEUSOIL focusing mainly on smart agriculture topics.

Krystyna Cerbova

Kristýna Čerbová


Bente Lilja Bye has been a member of the GEO community since 2004, engaged both as representative in the GEO plenary, in committees and contributing to the GEO Work Programme, and currently represents Norway on the GEO Programme Board. Bente runs a small research and consultancy company, BLB, focusing on transforming Earth observation data to information and knowledge for societal benefit. She is responsible for Communication, Dissemination and Assessment as partner in NextGEOSS.

Bente Lilja Bye 150

Bente Lilja Bye CEO, BLB & webinar host on behalf of Plan4all

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